The customs of Ukrainian weddings

The Ukrainian bride custom is extremely elaborate and has numerous rounds. In the past, matching, viewing, and engagement were all part of the lengthy process casarse con una ucraniana before a handful could find married. The boy would go see the girl and her family to "evaluate" whether they were suitable matches with his dad, elders, and godfathers. The girl's parents were invited to meet the boys ' parents if she was satisfied.

The lady was likewise getting ready for the marriage at this time. pidstarosta, her final gathering with her sex-identical friends, was typically held two to three days prior to the wedding. She made a ceremony trees, weaved periwinkle, and sang melancholy folk melodies during this period as if to say goodbye to her youth. A chick celebration currently resembles a large celebration with lots of dancing and drinking.

The bridegroom brings a gift to the home of his forthcoming wife's relatives on the day of the cathedral wedding service. He is greeted by her companions, relatives, and guardians, who does question him and sing a song of acclaim for the bride. The bride value is then paid to the groom's kids in the form of candy or horilka.

The bride and groom walk on Rushnyk, a traditional embroidered fabric that represents cleanliness and hope for their coming, during the service. In a relation, it's customary for whoever climbs it first to wear the trousers. Newlyweds are welcomed with wine and bread (typically Ukrainian Traditional Greeting Bread with Salt ) and Korovai as part of the festivities.


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