Safe Uploading and Downloading Business Files

Securely uploading and downloading files is important for business.

It's crucial that your file sharing software can defend you from malicious attacks when sharing massive amounts of data. Malware often takes the form of a malicious file having an innocent extension, like.jpeg or.gif. This method lets hackers bypass security measures and replace a legit file with one that is identical but has malicious code. An effective way to guard against these types of "undercover attacks" is to use an option that checks the content of uploaded files based on the extensions they have.

You can set up your upload system so that it scrutinizes the name of the file type and/or extensions to see whether they match with a known malicious extension. This is best performed in conjunction with other security measures. The use of a single method is not enough to secure your service, so a defense-in-depth approach must be taken.

For example in addition to checking for extensions and names of files It is also recommended that your upload server is able to verify the safe uploading and downloading business files content of the files being uploaded to stop fraudulent or fake documents from being uploaded and shared with other users. This is particularly important for sensitive files which may include copyrighted or personal data.

Mitchell for instance requires feedback from his partners on the marketing campaign. He uploads his campaign documents to SimplePractice and shares the link with his business partners. They can view the documents on their phones, tablets and laptop computers. They can even edit the document and observe changes in real time.



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