How to Prepare for Virtual Board Meetings

Virtual board meetings are becoming more frequent in many organizations. However, they have their own set of issues. Virtual meetings require a different organizational level than in-person ones, and the technology may be a learning curve. Following a few basic guidelines can help boards navigate the transition.

The first step is to ensure all participants are equipped with the correct tools. This includes the right equipment, which must be tested prior to the meeting, and a reliable internet connection. Board members should prepare for the meeting by reviewing the documents and planning any discussions.

Another crucial element is to ensure that everyone has an understanding of the etiquette involved in virtual meetings. This involves being respectful of others in attendance, not interrupting, and being aware of the fact that others aren't able to see facial expressions or body language. It is important to muffle microphones when you are not talking, and to stay clear of distractions or background. Board members should be urged by their supervisors to ensure that their offices are camera-ready. This includes removing any personal items and distracting objects.

In addition it is important to keep the meeting on time, and not to overload the agenda with long discussion topics that could disrupt the focus. It is also important to allow for breakout discussions when the moderator feels there is a lack of participation in the main discussion. It is essential that all pertinent questions are discussed and the meeting is recorded.



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