Conducting a Board of Directors Meeting

The board of directors meeting allows the leaders of your company to discuss the company's future make important decisions and decide on company policies. The success of your meetings is contingent on the quality of your discussions as well as the strength of the board's leadership. Board meetings also permit you to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and track the progress towards your company's goals.

An organized agenda will to guide discussions at your board meetings and ensure that the meeting is efficient, productive and on track. Directors should be prepared for every board meeting by reviewing the agenda and board papers distributed prior to the meeting. This is a standard practice and ensures that each director is able to contribute to productive discussions.

When the meeting begins the chair should begin the meeting by confirming that a quorum is present. This typically involves a roll call, which will determine who are present to legally conduct business.

The board will then hear reports from standing and special committees. The board members will then have the chance to ask questions and discuss the information presented. The board may have to spend more time on the issue to determine the most effective solution.

Directors must respect the opinions of each other and refrain from using body language, whispering, or notes that undermine someone else's opinions. Directors should also be attentive and only speak when they are called upon to speak.



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