What is Silent Mode in Avast Antivirus?

Avast is one of the most popular computer security software providers. It is renowned for its high detection rates and in independent tests has been ranked as among the top anti-malware software. The company was founded back in 1988 and has been around since then. It provides a variety of antivirus software as well as other tools to protect your computer.

One of the features you'll find in the latest version of Avast is Do Not Disturb Mode A feature that blocks notifications when you're running applications with full screen. The Do Not Disturb Mode can be found on the Performance tab in the Avast main screen. You can either enable or deactivate it by checking the boxes.

When Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled When Do Not Disturb Mode is active, all Windows and Avast notifications will be blocked while you're using any application on full screen. All notifications will be blocked for any new app that you open in full-screen mode. You can also enable Do Not Disturb Mode to only block notifications from the applications you select.

This is a great feature for coders and hackers who work in a digital setting and can allow them to concentrate on their work board portal software comparison without getting distracted by alerts from Avast or other apps. This also helps them to check quarantined files without being interrupted by a pop-up alert or pop-up. Click the Gaming icon in the plan tray to activate the Do Not disturb Mode feature. You can also manually enter the mode by pressing the 'Silent/Gaming Mode button on the main Avast window.


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