What Does a Boot Scan Do?

When a cyber-attack makes its way into your computer, it is able to be hidden in a variety ways. While the majority of antivirus software are able to detect malware using regular scans and real-time protection however, a boot-time scanner offers a https://www.trustfulwonderful.com/features-of-dell-keyboards-and-their-competitive-advantages more rigorous sweep against threats that are stealthy.

A boot scan is a quick analysis of your computer prior to Windows begins. This allows the program to spot malware that is not visible and remove it without disrupting your normal operation. The boot scan feature of Avast offers several options to deal with threats identified in the scan, including repair of the files immediately, moving them to Disease Chest or quarantine, and finally deleting them.

The process of running a boot scan may take some time. To accelerate the process it's best to block non-essential startup apps and disconnect external hard drives or USB devices. This will decrease the risk of conflict and let the scan concentrate on the internal storage. It is also a great idea to plan the time that you will not be using your computer for other activities so that boot scanning can occur without interruption.

To enable a boot-time scanner go to Settings (the gear icon) within the Avast interface. Select Protection > Scan settings, and choose the option Boot-Time Scan. Then, adjust the options to suit your needs and click OK. The Avast Boot-Time Scan is a highly effective tool to protect your computer from malicious threats and to provide a more efficient computing environment.


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