How to Run Efficient and Effective Board Meetings

The board of directors must work as a unit to fulfill its mission, which is to evaluate the performance of the company, advise the CEO and connect the business to the wider community. Engaging with your board can to build this teamwork and develop an even stronger bond, however it's important to keep these meetings on track and productive. In this article we'll discuss some of the best ways to run an effective and efficient board meeting to ensure that your board is making the most of its time and resources.

Reduce Discussions and Reporting

Longer reports can slow down an assembly of the board and distract from more strategic discussions. Encourage committee chairs and officers to only present the most crucial information and limit their reports to 25 percent of the time. This will allow the bulk of the meeting to be spent on strategic planning and important decisions.

Define clearly how decisions will Be Made

Clearly communicating the process of making decisions during board meetings is a great way to ensure everyone is aware of the ways to contribute. If you decide to take decisions through consensus, vote or another method, make sure to communicate this to your board in advance of every meeting to let them know how to take part.

Evaluate Your Meetings at Least Once a Year

Request that your board members leave their names, either "+" or "-", on a sticky-note at the door. This will allow you to look at their feedback following the meeting. This will give you an idea of what's working at your board meetings and the areas for improvement.


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