The Engineering Process

The engineering process is the series of steps taken by individuals (engineers or developers, scientists, etc.) to create a solution or product. These products and solutions are used by consumers and users every day.

The students begin the process by defining and researching the problem. They also identify any requirements that have to be met. Then they brainstorm and look at how others have solved the same problem.

After they have made a list, they select the best solution to create a prototype. This step shows that students have achieved a great deal and can see the idea become a real-life solution.

After building their prototypes, students test them to see if the work as expected. They can use the prototypes as a tool to improve on their designs.

They will likely go through many prototypes before they have a design that works and is complete. This iterative approach teaches them to never stop improving their designs.

Your students can use the engineering process throughout their lives, regardless of whether they become engineers. They can apply the skills they learn to any project, from building skyscrapers to making sneakers.


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